Services we provide

* Debris Removal/Clean Out Services – Often times with foreclosures or tenants moving out, there is a lot left behind. Garbage, appliances, vehicles, personal items, and furniture for example. We clean out the property, recycle and dispose of the items appropriately. This service also includes complete cleaning such as vacuuming, carpet shampooing, mopping, window cleaning, etc.

* Abandoned Vehicle Removal

* Appliance Removal

* Maid Service – We provide a full maid service which includes a complete cleaning service such as vacuuming, carpet shampooing, window cleaning, toilet cleaning, sweeping, mopping, etc.

* Winterization/De-winterization – We provide winterization of property to prevent damage from cold weather and other variables that can harm an unoccupied home. Whether it is a foreclosure, vacation property or anything else, we can help.

* Vacation Property Maintenance – Vacation properties need maintenance just like a primary residence. If you are unable to provide the maintenance, we can help.

* Vacation Property Rentals – Why let your vacation property sit vacant most of the year? Are you looking for a vacation property to rent? We can help with both.

* Repairs – Sometimes vacated properties need some general repairs for walls, doors, electrical, plumbing, drywall, roofing, pool repair, etc. We do not perform any heavy construction such as new house construction. There are many companies out there that specialize in new construction. We are a maintenance company and our goal is to efficiently and cost-effectively get the property ready for sale, not build a new house.

* Window Boarding/De-Boarding and Window repair

* Lawn care – When a property is vacant (whether it is a rental or foreclosure) lawn care is needed because there is nobody in the property to maintain it. We offer complete lawn care service including lawn mowing, hedge/shrub trimming, branch trimming, edging as well as sweeping driveways and sidewalks. Lawn care is important for reselling the property or bringing new tenants in because curb appeal is a big part of the potential tenant or buyer’s first impression.

* Snow removal – Like lawn care, when a property is vacant there is nobody in the property to remove snow. Snow removal is important not only for appearance but more importantly for safety and liability.

* Lock re-keying – When a property is vacated (rental or foreclosure) often times the locks need to be changed or re-keyed for security and safety purposes.

* Painting/Staining – Painting and staining are a regular part or maintenance. When tenants move out damage does occur whether it is accidental or intentional. Painting, even if it is just a touch up makes a big difference in appeal.

* Landscaping – We provide landscape repair and maintenance. This will give the property better curb appeal which is an important part of selling a property.

* Staging – We provide home staging solutions that give potential buyers a view of a furnished home. Tastefully staged homes are statistically more appealing than empty buildings.

* Recycling – During a clean out, anything that can be recycled, reclaimed or reused will be.