Are you a bank or mortgage company that has foreclosed properties? Are you a realtor contracted to sell a foreclosed property? Do you need the property inspected? Does the property need repairs? Does the property need maintenance?

We offer efficient and cost-effective REO & foreclosure clean out and property maintenance for mortgage companies, banks, credit unions, realtors, etc. We offer a “one call does it all” service so the property owners do not have to waste time and money making multiple phone calls and appointments to maintain, repair or clean out their properties. We also offer discount rates for mortgage companies, realtors, etc. on multiple properties.

We are completely flexible and can be hired for a one time service or for periodic or scheduled services and have various working hours, not just the typical 9 to 5. With the growing number of foreclosures on the market in this day due to the housing market crash and a bad economy, mortgage companies can’t keep up, but we can.

We do everything from routine maintenance to cleanouts to repairs. No job is too big or too small. Our goal is to efficiently get the property in sellable condition to maximize the listing price of the property.

In addition to performing maintenance and clean out services, we can perform a thorough inspection of the property so the property owner knows of any and all issues before they put the property up for sale. This will ensure maximum sale price, protecting the property owner’s bottom dollar, which is important with foreclosures. For more information on our home inspections click HERE.

One of our biggest benefits is recycling. In this day and age, “Green” companies are becoming important to our environment. Recycling, reclaiming and reusing are key factors that we follow. Anything that can be recycled will be recycled to minimize the amount of actual garbage that gets discarded. All salvageable furniture, appliances, construction materials, etc. will be recycled, reclaimed, reused or donated.